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Symposia & Conferences

"Top Secret" Goes to China

March 6, 2012

Video from the USC U.S.-China Institute symposium on the play that recently toured China, where it stimulated considerable debate about the role of the press.

Taiwan Election 2012: Outcomes and Implications for US-Taiwan-China Ties

February 13, 2012

Video from the USC U.S.-China Institute symposium on the results of the January 14 Taiwan elections and their potential impact on domestic politics in Taiwan, cross-strait relations, and regional stability.

Chinese Investments in Latin America

September 16, 2011

A one-day conference on China's economic involvement in Latin America.

Video: The State of the Chinese Economy

March 21, 2011

This USC US-China Institute conference examined the health and future of the Chinese economy and its economic ties with the US and others.

The Week that Changed the World: China’s Expanding Global Influence

November 10, 2010

Scholars from USC and the Nixon Center in Washington discuss China’s place in the world today.

Art and the New Culture City: Hong Kong, China and the Global Art System

April 28, 2009

Video presentations from the October 3, 2008 conference at the University of Southern California.

Evaluating the Impact of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

March 27, 2009

USC symposium brought together scholars and practitioners who shared research insights on China's public diplomacy strategies and the impact of these games on perceptions of China's soft power resources and global attitudes towards a rising China.

Making American Policy Toward China -- scholars and policy makers on economics, security, and climate change

January 24, 2009

Video of presentations made at the U.S.-China Institute's conference is now available. Experts explored the central issues, institutions, interest-groups, and individuals at work in producing U.S. policy toward China.

The Future of U.S. – China Relations

May 8, 2007

USCI's inaugural conference explored the multidimensional and evolving U.S. – China relationship. This article includes links to videos, to panel presentations, and to copies of the papers presented.