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K-12 Curriculum

USCI is committed to improving K-12 teaching about China and the rest of Asia. Together with the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), the U.S. Department of Education, college and university partners, and California school districts, we offer professional development seminars and workshops to help teachers bring more of Asia to their students. USCI is a NCTA national coordinating site.

Helping teachers address the California history, social studies, and language arts standards, we offer presentations on the history and culture of Asia, as well as discuss how Asian case studies can be used to explore a variety of issues. Seminars, workshops, and online programs include discussions on American depictions of East Asia in film,  human rights in Asia, war and revolution, economic development and social change, and much more.

Our website includes information about these programs as well as links to our discussion forum which is full of evaluations of films, websites, and other materials as well as lesson plans and other resources. To join our community of educators or to offer suggestions, please write to us at