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The "Liberal" International Order: Any Room for an Illiberal Rising Power Like China?

UC Irvine Center for Global Peace & Conflict Studies hosts a discussion with Shiping Tang on the impact of China's rise in the Liberal international order.

China in the Year of the Snake

The USC U.S.-China Institute's Clayton Dube speaks in Pasadena's Senior Curriculum series.

Annenberg Research Seminar: David Craig & Yu Hong

USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism hosts a talk with David Craig and Yu Hong

Crazy Rich Asians: An Evening with Kevin Kwan

Come see the New York Times bestselling author, Kevin Kwan, discuss his body of work Crazy Rich Asians and his forthcoming projects. 

Gerschenkron Redux? New Evidence on Shanghai's Pre-War Stock Exchange and Its Implications for the Chinese Economy at Present

Lecture by Niv Horesh, Professor at the University of Nottingham, on Shanghai's pre-war stock exchange and its implications for present Chinese economy.

State-Supported Technology Transfer in Taiwan under the KMT, 1949-1978

Part of Colombia University's lecture series on contemporary Taiwan,"Tech Transfer and the US-Taiwan-China Information/Economic Matrix."

China - US Business Summit 中美企业峰会

Three day event devoted to helping link China and US based businesspeople understand the evolving business climate to forging effective company to company ties.

Asia 2017: The Experts Forecast

Join Asia Society as it takes a moment at year’s end to peer into Asia’s future, and put some of its own experts on the spot: Evan Medeiros, Ruchir Sharma, Josette Sheeran, and others, moderated by Tom Nagorski.

Hong Kong's Future: Autonomy and the Road to 2017

Luncheon and Special Briefing Featuring a Delegation of Hong Kong Business Leaders

The Roots of Local Territorial Control: Housing Privatization and Enterprise Reform in the 1980s and 1990s

Harvard's Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies presents Meg Rithmire as part of the New England China Seminar.