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China's Power: Up for Debate (2nd Annual ChinaPower Conference)

The Center for Strategic and International Studies presents the second annual ChinaPower conference focusing on the issues that underpin Chinese power.

How High Is Too High? Investment Share and the Chinese Economy

the Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China presents leading economist Dr. Zhang Jun. Jun will explain why China's investment share is most likely to be over estimated by the China National Bureau of Statistics.

"Stakeholders in the Supply of Public Goods in Rural China"

Chen Dong, a Economics professor at China's Shandong University, will present a talk on the role of stakeholders and how they have created a shortage of public goods in the rural areas of China.

Will China Fall into a Middle Income Trap? Growth, Inequality and Future Instability

The Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University presents a conference on the Chinese middle class.