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Video: David Zweig Speaks On The War For Chinese Talent In The United States

David Zweig is a renowned scholar who focused on China's efforts to build its talent. His insight into the War For Chinese Talent provides us with a different way to look at policy implications for Chinese scholars.
April 24, 2024
David Zweig, our event speaker

Prof. Zweig draws on decades of research to document China’s “over-the-top” effort to gain the help of immensely talented Chinese who were living and working in the US, as well as the US government’s harsh counterattack, and its strategy to limit and disrupt the transfer of US technology to China. He offers case studies which include stories of several victims of that campaign whose cases were never made public. Zweig highlights the harm this war has done to Sino-American scientific collaboration and the education of Chinese students in America. Prof. Zweig's book on the talent war will be published this summer.

David Zweig 崔大 is the leading scholar of China’s effort to build its talent pool. He’s researched Chinese studying abroad, programs to encourage them to return to China and the experiences of those who have returned. His books include Agrarian Radicalism in China, 1968-1981 (1989), China’s Brain Drain to the United States (1995), Freeing China’s Farmers: Rural Restructuring in the Reform Era (1997) and Internationalizing China (2002) Zweig has also co-edited New Perspectives on the Cultural Revolution (1991), China’s Reforms and International Political Economy (2007) and Sino-U.S. Energy Triangles (2016). Zweig is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor at National Tsinghua University in Taiwan. He is a chair professor emeritus at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where he taught for a quarter century and where he established its Center on China’s Transnational Relations. Prof. Zweig is a member of the USCI board of scholars and has spoken here a number of times (including “CCP and Talent Recruiting,” 2013 and “America Challenges China’s National Talent Programs,” 2020).

This video and others are also available at our YouTube channel.