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Is China Large? Monetary Leadership and the Dynamics of Currency Zone Formation

The USC Center for International Studies presents a talk by Dave Andrews.

Post-humanism in Modern Chinese Culture

The Confucius Institute at the University of New Hampshire presents a conference focused on the study of post-humanism in modern Chinese culture.

From Economic Success to Social Responsibility: New Philanthropic Roles for Entrepreneurs

A panel discussion on economic success and social responsibility in China will be hosted at Columbia University.

Dismantling Developmentalism: Japan, Korea, Taiwan

The University of California, Berkeley Center for Chinese Studies will jointly host a conference on Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in the 1980s.

The Financial Crisis and the Changing Role of Workers in China

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China present a roundtable discussion on the financial crisis and worker's roles in China.

Chinese-style Capitalism in Comparative Perspective

As a part of the Cornell Contemporary China Initiative Lecture Series, Roselyn Hsueh, Associate Professor of Political Science, Temple University, will give the talk, “National Sectoral Pathways to Globalization: Chinese-style Capitalism in Comparative Perspective.”

China and Latin America: Perceptions, Problems, and Opportunities

This panel explores the changing role of China in Latin America, the economics that drive relations, cultural overtures, and opportunities for the future.

Book talk with Arthur Kroeber, China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know. Moderated by Edward Cunningham

The Ash Center cordially invites you to a book talk with Arthur R. Kroeber, author of China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know.

Who Accommodates Chinese Interests? Exploring Variation in National Responses to a Rising China.

Scott Kastner, Associate Professor of International Relations at University of Maryland collaborates with the Stanford China Program to examine China as a major political and economic actor on the world stage.

2007 USC Global Conference

The 2007 USC Global Conference held in Tokyo, Japan explores the opportunities and challenges facing the Pacific Rim.