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The Challenge of Reducing Energy Consumption in China's Industrial Sector

Lynn Price will describe the technical support provided by LBNL for the pilot program that preceded the Top-1000 program.

Film Screening: Assignment China: Follow the Money with Mike Chinoy

The China Research Center presents a screening of Assignment China: Follow the Money followed by a discussion with Mike Chinoy. The final episode of Assignment China, "Follow the Money" focuses on the behind-the-scenes story of the journalists who during 2012 conducted ground-breaking investigations about China's nouveau riche, and the dramatic, controversial, and often frightening consequences.

Taiwan-US Economic and Security Relations

A dinner talk by the Foreign Minister of Taiwan, David Y.L. Lin, at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council.

Asia Pacific Business Outlook Conference 2011

USC Marshall School of Business will hold its annual Asia Pacific Business Outlook Conference.

Challenges and Opportunities for American Lawyers in China or with Chinese Companies

Carmen Chang explores the adaptations of both the American and Chinese legal professions in response to China's continuing modernization.