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USC Teams With Far East Filmmakers

July 9, 2004

As a new partner of the City University of Hong Kong and the Beijing Film Academy, the USC School of Cinema-TV will train students in creative fields such as production, animation and Web design.

Pledged to Help

December 8, 2003

USC Annenberg receives $500,000 from a Taiwan-based media conglomerate to fund scholarships. Recipients will be chosen based on academic merit and leadership potential.

SARS is cause for concern, not panic

May 16, 2003

Infectious disease expert Fred Sattler and microbiologist Michael M.C. Lai, speak to students and faculty members on SARS.

Bobby Cochran wins Luce Fellowship to travel to China

April 22, 2003

USC graduate student Bobby Cochran wins the Luce Scholarship. He’ll spend 10 months in China, immersed in Chinese culture and exploring his passion for the environment.

2008 Beijing Organizing Committee Visits USC

January 20, 2003

Representatives from the organizing committee for the 2008 Olympic Games visited USC to tour university facilities.

Top Chinese official visits Keck School

October 19, 2001

Wu Jie Ping, co-chair of the Chinese People's Congress and former president of Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, was the highest-ranking Chinese official to visit USC.

CHLA and China formalize pediatric medicine collaboration

August 7, 1998

The program will design and develop a collaborative pediatric research project and focus on ways to provide cost-effective, quality health care in both China and the U.S.

Wuhan, China, Seeks Help for Anti-Smoking Campaign

March 30, 1998

The Wuhan government and USC Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research (IPR) will begin one of the largest collaborations in preventive health across the Pacific Rim.

USC's IPR Assists China in New Smoking Prevention Efforts

March 20, 1998

The USC Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research aids the city of Wuhan in anti-smoking education.

Surgical Team Provides Care in Qinghai Province

January 19, 1998

An international telemedicine project links USC physicians and educators with their counterparts in Hong Kong and China to improve the education of Chinese physicians in Western medicine and promote preventive care and community health.