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Video: Microcredit, The Internet and Community Building in China and Beyond

March 17, 2010

Thomas Gold discusses how microcredit programs are changing lives in rural China and how the internet is linking donors with loan recipients.

Video: Why the way forward will be bumpy -- Bates Gill on US-China relations

February 26, 2010

Powerful domestic forces will limit the sorts of compromises Beijing's leaders can reach with Western countries.

Assessing China's Global Image and Soft Power

February 11, 2010

USCI presents a talk by George Washington University's David Shambaugh.

Video: Judith Mackay discusses efforts to curb smoking in China, the world's largest tobacco market

February 5, 2010

China's has more than 350 million smokers and they consume 37% of the world's cigarettes; the challenges are immense, but progress is being made.

Video: Deborah Brautigam on the Real Story of China in Africa

January 30, 2010

How large and significant are China's activities in Africa? Which of Africa's 53 countries are China's biggest aid and investment targets? What are the implications of these efforts for China and for Africa?

Elizabeth Economy on the Global Impact of China's Environmental Crisis

May 12, 2009

Presentation by the Council on Foreign Relations scholar looks at the range of environmental challenges in China, governmental and non-governmental responses, and the potential for multilateral cooperation to address problems.

Video: Thomas Christensen on "Shaping China's Choices"

October 23, 2008

Professor Thomas Christensen's (Princeton University) keynote address at the USCI "Making of U.S.-China Policy" conference at USC on October 13, 2008.

Video: Amb. Randt on the "Crucial Relationship"

April 23, 2008

Clark T. Randt, Jr., U.S. ambassador to China since 2001, spoke on April 21, 2008. Video of the complete talk and links to press reports are available here.