Zhou Enlai

Talking Points, February 27 - March 12, 2014

February 27, 2014

This issue of the USC U.S.-China Institute's newsletter discusses "China Watching," a new documentary from the institute. As always, the newsletter includes a comprehensive calendar of China-centered events across North America.

Assignment: China - China Watching

February 27, 2014

This segment of the USC U.S.-China Institute series on the work of reporters for American news organizations looks at the period 1949-1971, when most Americans could not visit the People's Republic. Though some non-U.S. citizens reporting for American organizations did manage to get into China, most reporters had to watch what was happening in China from Hong Kong.

Getting to Know You -- The US and China Shake the World, 1971-1972

February 21, 2012

What US documents reveal about the uncertain path to rapprochement.

Assignment: China - The Week that Changed the World

January 31, 2012

Richard Nixon described his 1972 trip to China as "the week that changed the world." This segment in the USC U.S.-China Institute's series on American reporting on China focuses on coverage of that historic summit.

Gao, Zhou Enlai: The Last Perfect Revolutionary, A Biography, 2007

January 1, 2007

Yafeng Xia reviews this book for H-Diplo, January 2007, credit H-Asia

Henry Kissinger and Mao Zedong "Memorandum of Conversation," November 12, 1973, 5:40-8:25pm

November 12, 1973

Henry Kissinger, U.S. Secretary of State, spoke with Chinese leaders at Chairman Mao's residence in Beijing.

Henry Kissinger and Mao Zedong "Memorandum of Conversation," February 17-18, 1973, 11:30pm-1:20am

February 18, 1973

Henry Kissinger, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, spoke with Chinese leaders at Chairman Mao's residence in Beijing.

Nixon in China Itinerary, Feb. 17 -28, 1972

February 28, 1972

Outline of President Richard Nixon's historic trip to China. Excerpted from "Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents," February 28, 1972.

Richard Nixon and Zhou Enlai, "Toasts at a Banquet Honoring the Premier," February 25, 1972

February 25, 1972

Banquet in the Great Hall of the People. The toasts were made shortly after 9 pm and were broadcast live via satellite to the United States.

Richard Nixon and Zhou Enlai, "Memorandum of Conversation," February 23, 1972 2-6 pm

February 23, 1972

The leaders spoke at the President's guesthouse in Beijing.



March 11, 2021 - 1:00pm

Julia Lovell re-evaluates Maoism as both a Chinese and an international force, linking its evolution in China with its global legacy.