Russia-China Joint Statement on International Relations, February 4, 2022

February 4, 2022

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Pres. Putin also attended the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Cole, Asian Maritime Strategies - Navigating Troubled Waters (October 15, 2013)

January 2, 2015

Bernard D. Cole's book was reviewed by Paul Midford for H-Diplo and is published here under Creative Commons license.

U.S. House of Representatives, “Hearing on Cyber Threats from China, Russia and Iran: Protecting American Critical Infrastructure,” March 20, 2013

March 20, 2013

The U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies conducted the hearing.

Talking Points, July 8 - July 22, 2009

July 9, 2009

Ethnic violence in Xinjiang, US-China-Russia relations, and the passing of Herb Klein are the subjects of this week's USC U.S.-China Institute newsletter. The newsletter also includes information about China-related events and exhibitions across North America.

Joint Statement Between The People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, April 6, 2007

April 6, 2007

President Hu Jintao of the People's Republic of China paid a state visit to the Russian Federation from March 26-28, 2007 at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation. The two presidents held official talks in Moscow and attended the opening ceremonies of the Year of China in Russia and the Chinese National Exhibition in Russia.

Joint Communiqué on the results of the trilateral meeting of the Foreign Minister of India, Russia and China, February 14, 2007

February 14, 2007

A trilateral meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Republic of India, the Russian Federation, and the People's Republic of China was held in New Delhi on February 14, 2007.

China and Russia Issue a Joint Statement, Declaring the Trend of the Boundary Line between the Two Countries Has Been Completely Determined, October 14, 2004

October 14, 2004

At the invitation of President Hu Jintao of the People's Republic of China, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin of the Russian Federation paid a state visit to China.

Lattimore, Pivot of Asia: Sinkiang and the Inner Asian Frontiers of China and Russia, 1950

December 31, 2001

David Kalivas reviews the book for H-World, September 2002.

Wishnick, Mending Fences: The Evolution of Moscow's China Policy from Brezhnev to Yeltsin, 2001

January 1, 2001

Eva-Maria Stolberg reviews the book for H-Russia, August 2004.

John Hay to Andrew White, "First 'Open Door' Note, Sept. 6, 1899

December 13, 1901

Secretary John Hay wrote versions of this note to each of the major powers (Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and Japan).