Uneasy Triangle: The United States, China, and Russia and the New Global Order

Throughout the Cold War era, the triangular relationship formed between the United States, China, and Russia was central to forming modern global o

The Emerging China-Russia Axis: the Return of Geopolitics?

The Center for East Asia Policy Studies at Brookings will hold a public forum that brings together experts from Japan and the United States to examine how recent actions by China and Russia have affected the global order.

Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan

The Saint Louis Art Museum presents an exhibition following Japan's rise as a military power through the Russo-Japanese war.

Russia-China Relations: Recent Trajectory, Implications, and Outlook

The Sigur Center for Asian Studies presents a panel discussion on the Russian-Chinese relationship.

United States, China, and Russia: Relations Between The World’s Great Powers in the Trump Era

Dr. Henry Kissinger said that President Nixon "created a set of international policies whose main outlines survive to this day." One of the most important is triangulation; by improving relations with China, the U.S. carved out favorable negotiating positions with the Soviet Union --- while improving relations with both countries.