Cars, Currency, and Conflict:Three Issues Concerning Today’s China and How They Are Connected

Timothy Grose, a doctoral student at Indiana University, will host a discussion on cars, currency, and conflict. He will illustrate how all three element affect current economic conditions in China.

Toward a Tripartite Labor Relations System with Chinese Characteristics

Qiao Jian, Director of the Department of Employment Relations at UCLA, will give a talk on labor relations in China.

States' Gains, Labor's Losses: China, France and Mexico Choose Global Liasions, 1980 - 2000

In this explicitly comparative work, Dorothy J. Solinger (UC Irvine) examines the effects of global markets on the domestic politics of major states.

How Gender Bias Structures Labor Markets and Migration Patterns

Part 2 of The Sawyer Seminar Series on Gender Bias in the Past and Future of Asia held at Stanford University

Building China: Migrant Workers in China’s Construction Industry

The Center for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley presents a discussion with Katie Quan and Sarah Swider.

Chinese Labor Unions in an Era of Great Transformation: Challenges and Best Practices in Guangdong

This colloquium focuses on the changing dynamics of Chinese labor politics

Special Spring Workshop: The Beijing Olympics

This workshop will discuss aspects of this change, and the economic, political, and social implication of Olympics-led urban renewal in Beijing.

Chinese Typewriters and Recursive Embodiment: Humans Embodying Machines Embodying Humans Embodying Machines

Thomas S. Mullaney will speak on typewriters in China at Columbia University.

Jobs and Kids: Female Employment and Fertility in China

Stanford University presents a discussion with Professor Hai Fang on how female off-farm employment affects fertility in China.