States' Gains, Labor's Losses: China, France and Mexico Choose Global Liasions, 1980 - 2000

In this explicitly comparative work, Dorothy J. Solinger (UC Irvine) examines the effects of global markets on the domestic politics of major states.

Toward a Tripartite Labor Relations System with Chinese Characteristics

Qiao Jian, Director of the Department of Employment Relations at UCLA, will give a talk on labor relations in China.

Building China: Migrant Workers in China’s Construction Industry

The Center for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley presents a discussion with Katie Quan and Sarah Swider.

How Gender Bias Structures Labor Markets and Migration Patterns

Part 2 of The Sawyer Seminar Series on Gender Bias in the Past and Future of Asia held at Stanford University

Jobs and Kids: Female Employment and Fertility in China

Stanford University presents a discussion with Professor Hai Fang on how female off-farm employment affects fertility in China.

Chinese Labor Unions in an Era of Great Transformation: Challenges and Best Practices in Guangdong

This colloquium focuses on the changing dynamics of Chinese labor politics

Special Spring Workshop: The Beijing Olympics

This workshop will discuss aspects of this change, and the economic, political, and social implication of Olympics-led urban renewal in Beijing.

Chinese Typewriters and Recursive Embodiment: Humans Embodying Machines Embodying Humans Embodying Machines

Thomas S. Mullaney will speak on typewriters in China at Columbia University.

Designated Drivers: State Capitalism in China’s Auto Industry

A talk by Greg Anderson discussing his book about the Chinese car industry and the delicate nature of China's planned economy.

Labor Issues: Taiwan

The Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley presents a series of papers on labor in Taiwan