Science & Technology Policy Brown Bag Lecture Series: Labor Standards for High Technology: Comparative Experiance of China and India

The Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University presents a discussion comparing China and India in their labor standards for technology industries

Inside China's Automobile Factories: The Politics of Labor and Worker Resistance

Part of Pomona College Pacific Basin Institute's Labor in Contemporary China Series.

Working Class Formation in China: Cognitive Dissonance and Politics of Reconceptualization

UC Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies hosts a talk with Gaochao He on working class formation in China.

China's Labor Market and Global Supply Chain

HSBC in New York City will host a panel discussion on China's labor market.

Working Conditions and Worker Rights in China: Recent Developments

Representative Christopher Smith and Senator Sherrod Brown of the
Congressional-Executive Commission on China announce a hearing.

China’s Urban Migration and Social Integration

Fudan-UC Center hosts a China Research Workshop on China's migrants' social integration and welfare institution reforms.

China Onscreen Biennial: The Ditch (夹边沟) US Premiere

Part of the UCLA Confucius Institute's inaugural China Onscreen Biennial (银幕中国双年展)project, director Wang Bing vividly recreates the brutal conditions at the Jiabiangou labor camp in the Gobi Desert in the 1950s.

Trans-Pacific Transmissions: Video Art Across the Pacific

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria hosts an exhibit exploring the visual culture of exchange between Asia and the Americas.

China’s Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Innovation Policy

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission will hold a hearing on intellectual property rights and indigenous innovation policy in China.

Discussion with Lynette Ong, Author of Prosper or Perish: Credit and Fiscal Systems in Rural China

Lynette Ong discusses her book which examines the bias in RCC lending patterns, focusing on why the mobilization of rural savings has contributed to successful industrial development in some locales but not in others.