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February 21, 1972

Declassified transcript of the Beijing meeting between China's leader and America's. It took place in Chairman Mao's living quarters.

February 10, 1972

Held at the White House. This was Richard Nixon's 22nd press conference. In addition to discussing the trip to China, there were questions raised concerning the war in Vietnam, the frequency of the president's news conferences, recognition of Bangladesh, and other matters.

February 9, 1972

Part of a larger report on U.S. foreign policy. The report was delivered to Congress only days before Nixon left for China.

December 29, 1971

December 19, 1971 Taiwan's Presbyterian Church provides a statement on the ROC's "national fate".

October 25, 1971

The UN General Assembly expelled Taiwan and admitted the PRC.

October 25, 1971

In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly voted to recognize the Beijing-based government of the People’s Republic of China as the lawful representatives of China. The vote was 76 in favor, 35 opposed, with 17 abstaining.

August 16, 1971

National Security Adviser Kissinger met with Huang Zhen, China's Ambassador to France. Winston Lord prepared this memorandum which was approved by Kissinger on August 28.

July 15, 1971

The President explained that National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger had been meeting with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and that it had been agreed that the President would now go to China.

November 6, 1968

This document came to light when John Rousselot (R-Los Angeles, California) had it placed into the Congressional Record on August 6, 1971, with a month of President Nixon announcing that he would go to China. Rousselot served in the House of Representatives 1961-63 (CA-25) and 1970-83 (CA-25 and then CA-26).

February 16, 1967

The article outlines foreign policy issues during 1967.