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Henry Kissinger and Huang Zhen, "Meeting in Paris," August 16, 1971

National Security Adviser Kissinger met with Huang Zhen, China's Ambassador to France. Winston Lord prepared this memorandum which was approved by Kissinger on August 28.
August 16, 1971

The discussion included plans for Kissinger's return trip to China (see Getting to Beijing for information on the first trip). Kissinger proposes an October visit. Kissinger also suggests February 21 or March 16, 1972 as the date for President Richard Nixon's trip to China. He says the U.S. slightly prefers the February date.

Kissinger briefed Huang on the U.S.'s negotiations with the Soviet Union on reducing the threat of nuclear war. Kissinger told Huang that the U.S. was prepared to agree to a similar deal with the Chinese, but would leave it up to the Chinese side to raise the issue.

Kissinger also informed Huang that Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India would visit the U.S. He told Huang that the U.S. wants to help India on the refugee problem, but will not help it "humiliate" Pakistan. Kissinger notes that the Democrats in Congress are "completely on the side of Indian propaganda." Kissinger says the U.S. does not want to encourage the creation of Bangladesh. Huang says that India's efforts to split Pakistan are subversive.

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