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Local Gazetteers in Ming Dynasty Borderlands

Fall 2008 CCS Noon Lecture Series

Joseph Dennis will explore the compilation, publication, and circulation of local gazetteers in Ming dynasty borderlands.

The Infinite World: Chinese Figure Painting of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (14th-19th centuries)

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts presents this exhibition of 30 hanging scrolls, handscrolls, and album leaves explores the beauty and variety of the figure painting genre at a time of great artistic sophistication in China.

Wu Wenguang and the Memory Project: Independent Chinese Documentary Film Screenings and Discussion

About The Memory Project:
Wu Wenguang, a foundation figure for Chinese independent documentary film, launched The Memory Project in 2010 to document the gathering of oral histories from the rural survivors of China’s Great Famine (1958-1961). Wu and two of his collaborators will be on campus for three nights of film screenings and one night of performance.


Shanghai Kunju Troupe

The Smithsonian Institute hosts a performance by the artists from the prestigious Shanghai Kunju Troupe.

Author Event: "China's Millennials: The Want Generation"

Asia Society in New York will host journalist Eric Fish to discuss his first book, China's Millennials: The Want Generation". The event will take place at Queen's Library - Flushing. This program is part of the "Asia Society in Queens" series, a partnership with Queens Library.

Visual Representation of Gender and Class in a Changing China

Analyzing visual representation of Chinese women in the popular media over a span of 60 years, this talk explores the concealed and erased history of socialist state feminist endeavors in socialist revolution and demonstrates drastic changes in gender norms and practices in the state’s embracing of global capitalism.

Fourth Annual China Symposium: Defining Chinese Modernity: Information, Economy, and Environment

This year's annual China symposium will have a panel discussion exploring the impacts of a growing economy on the Chinese society.

A Public Lecture by Leading Scholar of Ancient Chinese Culture, Professor Li Ling (李零)

The Center for Chinese Studies at UCLA presents a talk by Li Ling.

If You Are Happy 学区房83弄

In China, parents buy homes in certain school districts at outrageous prices just to ensure a good education for their children. Professor Fu is desperate to sell his place in order to get such an apartment to guarantee his daughter’s future.

“Culture of China Festival of Spring” Chinese Acrobatic Grand Performance

The Guangzhou Soldier Acrobatic Troupe will perform at the Pasadena Civic Center to mark Chinese New Year.



December 14, 2019 - 9:00am
Pasadena, California

Longtime instructor Guang-Li (David) Zhang, a graduate of the Shanghai Art Academy teaches beginner and advanced students Chinese Calligraphy in mixed lecture and workshop classes.