North Korea

Report Rollout: Reordering Chinese Priorities on the Korean Peninsula

This panel discusses the changing relationship between China and North Korea with their new leadership and what that means for Obama's second administration.

Balancing, Bandwagoning, or Standing Alone?: China's Rise and the Future of the Korean Peninsula

Professor Chung-in Moon of Yonsei University considers the questions: What is South Korea's perception of China's rise? How has China's rise influenced its interactions with the two Koreas as well as the ROK-US alliance?

China's Anceint History Expansionism and Korea's Response

The Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley presents a talk with Chang-hee Nam on China's most recent historical sovereignty claims on parts of Korea.

Fraught Security in Asia - 70 Years after WWII

University of California, Los Angeles Asia Institute hosts a panel discussion of the security climate in Asia 70 years after WWII.

North Korea: Following the Chinese Road?

The USC U.S.-China Institute presents a talk by Mike Chinoy on North Korea's future.

China, Inc. Meets North Korea, Inc.: Growing Bilateral Commercial Activities and their Policy Implications for the US and South Korea

Dr. John S. Park, Senior Adviser of U.S. Institute of Peace will speak at Harvard University on North Korea.

The US and China, Allies or Adversaries in Resolving the North Korean Nuclear Crisis

The World Affairs Council of Orange County is holding a special event featuring Ambassador Christopher Hill, former head of the US Delegation to the Six Party Talks and former Ambassador to the Republic of Korea and Clayton Dube, Executive Director of USC US-China Institute.

Leadership Succession in North Korea: Regional and Global Implications

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute and the Center for Korean Research invite you to a special roundtable discussion, featuring four Korea specialists' views on recent developments in North Korea.

Panel Discussion: Assessing North Korea 100 days after the death of Kim Jong-il

A panel discussion on North Korea 100 days after the death of Kim Jong-il will be held at USC.

Sino-North Korean International Friendship

This talk explores the meanings of Sino-Korean friendship using North Korea's several key postwar dramas and literature about the subject.