Intellectual and Cultural Trends in China--a roundtable conversation

Four leading Chinese scholars from East China Normal University will lead a discussion on mentalities, thoughts and grassroots life in China.

Taiwan Day: School Life in Taiwan

A sneak peak into Taiwanese culture through the lens of the vibrant school life.

China in the Year of the Snake

The USC U.S.-China Institute's Clayton Dube speaks in Pasadena's Senior Curriculum series.

Xu Bing: Square Word Calligraphy Classroom

The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University presents the art of "Chinese-style calligraphy" written entirely in English "square words."

Indiana University's Flagship Chinese Institute

Indiana University's Flagship Chinese Institute is open to beginning, intermediate, and advanced students committed to participatory, experiential, and immersion-style learning. This program offers undergraduate or graduate credit to 45 learners of Chinese.

Doing Business in China

According to KMPG, culture and language are the biggest challenges for companies entering and investing in High Growth Emerging Market countries.

LRCCS Noon Lecture Series ~ Towards a New Qing Natural History

The University of Michigan's Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Jonathan Schlesinger on Qing natural history.

Modern China and Educational Studies

Dr. Yong Zhou, an Associate Professor from East China Normal University will give a talk on educational studies and modern China at UCLA.

Berkeley Students Working in China on the Future of a Water Village in the Pearl River Delta and on the Grand Canal in Hangzhou

Peter Bosselmann will speak about UC Berkeley students' work in Guangzhou and Hangzhou, China, in January and March of this year.