Shen Wei at Crow Collection of Asian Art

In this exhibition presented by the Crow Collection of Asian Art, Shen Wei narrows his focus to a study of the grisaille palette and the expressive textures of oil paint. Meditations on landscape, the subtly beautiful, and the strange have long been the domain of literati artists in China. Shen Wei, with this new series, takes these meditations to new heights and profound depths.

Evenings With Ai Weiwei - Ordos 100

The University of Washington presents a screening of Ordos 100 by Ai Weiwei.

Yang Fudong and Philippe Pirotte in Conversation

Join artist Yang Fudong and BAM/PFA Adjunct Senior Curator Philippe Pirotte for a conversation focusing on the protagonists of Yang's films.

The Printed Image in China—A British Museum Collection and Its History

The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents Chinese artwork from the 8th - 21st Century.

Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution: Fu Baoshi (1904–1965)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents work by Fu Baoshi.

Hiroshige’s City: From Edo to Tokyo

How does a city develop a distinct visual identity? This question became a major theme in Japanese art during the Edo period (1615–1868).

ShanShui Within: Opening Reception and Panel Discussion with Artists

Los Angeles and the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai are pleased to invite you to the opening reception and panel discussion for ShanShui Within, an exhibition of new work by artists Qiu Anxiong, Yang Qingqing, Wong Leah Lihua, and Yang Yongliang. The exhibition is curated by MOCA Shanghai Deputy Director Miriam Sun.

Artful Reproductions

The Seattle Art Museum presents an exhibition that features pairs and sets of similar objects.

Chinese Landscape Duets of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney

The Cleveland Museum of Art is hosting the exhibition, Chinese Landscape Duets of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney, featuring contemporary landscapes by Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney.

Children's Hilltop Festival - Mulan: The Warrior Princess

Adapted from the legendary Chinese poem and set in ancient China, Mulan is a devoted daughter who disguises herself as a man to serve in the army in her aging father's place.