Brauen, The Dalai Lamas - A Visual History, 2005

January 1, 2005

Martin Brauen's book was reviewed by Jose Cabezoon for H-Buddhism

Benevolence and Loyalty: Filial Piety in Chinese Art

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is currently hosting the exhibition, "Benevolence & Loyalty: Filial Piety in Chinese Art".

The Arts of Tibet

Cornell University holds a cultural event on Tibet.

"Unseen Forest: New Paintings by Chen Ping" Exhibition Opening Reception

Tally Beck Contemporary will host a reception to announce the opening of new oil paintings exhibition by Tasmania-based Chinese artist Chen Ping.

Symposium: Art and Material Culture of the Northern Qi Period

The Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery presents art from the Northern Qi Period.

Culture and Politics in "Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China"

The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents a gallery talk to discuss the political issues address in the upcoming exhibition "Ink Art"

Timely Images: Chinese Art Related to Seasonal Festivals

The Smithsonian Institution, Freer Gallery of Art, presents a discussion on seasonal Chinese art.

Nostalgia and Resistance: Gender and the Poetry of Chen Yinke

A discussion with Zuoxiao Zuzhou, a leading musician, composer, and activist of contemporary China.

Visit to a Jewelry Artist’s Studio with Pat Tseng

The Society for Asian Arts offers the opportunity for SAA members to visit the fascinating studio of Pat Tseng, a jewelry artist of great renown and especially known for her beautiful corded necklaces made with modern and antique jades.

Wang Mansheng & Zheng Xiaohua: An Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University present a discussion on the exhibition.