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Trade & Cultural Encounters between Latin America

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Trade & Cultural Encounters between Latin America

This learning segment helps student explore the trade connection between the Latin America and Asia, and how this sparked cultural encounters.
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Message from ndaza

Subject: Spanish 1A/1B Native Speakers
Grade: 9th-12th
Ca Standards for World Languages:
4.2 Comparisons/Culture
Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the culture studied.
3.2 Connections/Added Perspective
Students acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are available only through the foreign language and its culture.

El Horoscopo Chino

Parte I. Contesta las siguientes preguntas:/Answer the following questions:
1. ¿En que año naciste?/What year were you born in?
2. ¿Como eres en terminos de tu personalidad (paciente, trabajador, timido)? Da ejemplos (1 parrafo pequeno)/ Describe your personality are you patient, hardworking, shy? Give examples 1 small paragraph.
3. ¿Con que animal te asocias? Explica tu respuesta(1 parrafo pequeño) / What animal do you associate with? Explain your answer (1 small parragraph)

Parte II. Investiga sobre El Horoscopo Chino y contesta las siguientes preguntas:
1. ¿Que animal eres de acuerdo al Horoscopo Chino?/ What animal are you according to the chinese horoscope?
2. Enlista 3 caracteristicas positivas y 3 caracteristicas negativas sobre tu animal que te representa de acuerdo al Horoscopo Chino./ List 3 positive characteristics and 3 negative ones that represent you in the Chinese Calendar.
3. ¿Con que otros animales tienes compatibilidad de acuerdo al Horoscopo Chino?/ What other animals are you compatible with according to the Chinese Calendar.

Parte III. Compara y contrasta
1. Compara y contrasta tus respuestas en parte I con parte II. Enlista 3 diferencias y 3 similitudes./ Compare and contrast your answers in part I and part II. List 3 similarities and 3 differences.
2. Hay algun otro animal en el Horoscopo Chino que represente tu personalidad mejor? Dime cual animal y explica porque/ Check the Chinese calendar and see if there is another animal that represents your personality better. Tell me what animal and explain the reason why.

Parte IV. Proyecto de Arte
1. Usa tu creatividad para crear un proyecto de arte en tercera dimension para representar toda la informacion obtenida en parte I, II y III. Puedes usar un dragon, la galleta de la fortuna china, la caja de comida china para llevar, una linterna china, etc., etc., etc como canvas para tu proyecto. Use your creativity to create a 3D art project with the information obtained in part I, II and III. You can use a dragon, a fortune cookie, the chinese take out box, the chinese lantern, etc., etc., etc as a canvas for your project.

Must be written in Spanish

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Message from ndaza

There is a trend happening in Lima the capital of Peru: young peruvians are taking to Chinese culture. Young peruvians working at upscale hotels greet chinese guests in Mandarin with accurate Mandarin pronunciation. The interesting fact is that these young people have not visit China yet. They are learning China's language and culture through films.