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Curricluum project for East Asia from 1800

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Curricluum project for East Asia from 1800

This is a 3 day unit on Japanese Imperialism. In my 10th grade World History class it will be in the middle of the Imperialism unit. Students will have already studied European Imperialism in Africa and India, and we will be looking ahead to WWI. Students will have experience with maps, and some familiarity with political cartoons (covered in 9th grade).

From the Washington State Social Studies Standards (E-economics, G_geography)

E1.9-10.1 Analyze how the costs and benefits of economic choices have shaped events in the world in the past and present.

E1.9-10.2 Analyze how choices made by individuals, firms, or governments are constrained by the resources to which they have access.

G3.9-10.1 Define how the geography of expansion and encounter have shaped global politics and economics in history.



There is a powerpoint with links and a worksheet that also contains the cartoons and readings.


The powerpoint is uploaded as a pdf since this system doesn't seem to allow powerpoints.  I am happy to send anyone the powerpoint file.

Kayla Kolean
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Political Cartoons

I really like Day 2 activities with the Political Cartoons. Visuals are a wonderful way to draw attention, and you have some wonderful warm-up to deep thinking questions. Well done Jennifer!

Kayla Kolean