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Chinese Philosophy Lessons

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Chinese Philosophy Lessons


  • [font=PalatinoLinotype] A rationale for the proposed unit: [/font]The purpose of the unit is to have a better understanding of world beliefs that are not Eurocentric. My students tend to have little or no knowledge of different religions or philosophies that are the basis of many world societies. This set of lessons would be applicable towards the beginning of the year when were are piecing together all of the different regions we will cover.
  • Skill and content objectives: Objectives and standards are specified on the lesson plan.
  • Detailed lesson plan: is attached
  • A plan for assessing student achievement: Student achievement is assessed in the multiple checks for understanding, their KWL chart, Their vocabulary sheet, their group discussions, their graphic organizer and their poster. Further formal assessments can be made at the end of the unit using a vocabulary quiz, content quiz, and/or unit exam.
  • Extensions: I added a few ideas to extend the lesson.
  • [/ol]

    I have attached my lesson plans, any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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