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Chinese Renminbi: Regional or Global Currency?

The University of California, Berkeley's Institute of East Asian Studies will host economics professor Barry Eichengreen to discuss the process and results of renminbi internationalization.

Money and Toil in Inner Asia: Local To Transnational

Columbia University's Weatherhead East Asian Institute hosts a workshop on economics in Inner Asia.

Webcast: Sovereignty and the Belt and Road Initiative

Please join the USC U.S.-China Institute and the USC Center for International Studies for webcast discussion with Professor Tom Narins from the University at Albany (SUNY Albany) on how the Belt and Road Initiative illustrates ways that sovereignty works that conventional international relations fail to account for. 

China and the Caucasus: New Partnerships and Regional Implications

The panel by the Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute brings together a distinguished group of academics and political observers of the Caucasus to analyze China’s regional priorities and emerging strategy.

Mere Straws in the Wind or Genuine Change? Society, Culture and Public Opinion under China's New Leadership

With an increasingly vocal society, and a possible loosening of censorship in media and culture, what are we to make of these changes and, more importantly, how have these changes been received within China, for example on the increasingly important Chinese microblogs?

Giants at Home and Abroad: Chinese Video Game Companies Go Global

Chinese companies are among the world's largest video game firms. They are on the move in some of the fastest growing markets.