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From Economic Success to Social Responsibility: New Philanthropic Roles for Entrepreneurs

A panel discussion on economic success and social responsibility in China will be hosted at Columbia University.

Law and/or Justice in Island Disputes in East Asia

This discussion includes possible solutions to the Island Disputes best fit to the sense of justice in the region

Hidden Gold Mining its Meaning in Asian Art

Gold. It evokes power, wealth, royalty, devotion and, above all, immortality.

Canada Crude to China? Prospects and Barriers of Increasing Chinese Imports of Canadian Oil

The Wilson Center in Washington, DC hosts a panel discussion on China's increasing imports of Canadian oil.

Chinese Renminbi: Regional or Global Currency?

The University of California, Berkeley's Institute of East Asian Studies will host economics professor Barry Eichengreen to discuss the process and results of renminbi internationalization.

Urbanization in Between: Theorizing Urbanization in Rapidly Industrializing China

A talk presented by Dr. Andrew Kipnis of Australian National University, this paper examines the growth of one mid-sized Chinese city as a case in which intimate linkages between the rural/socialist past and the urban/capitalist present remain socially important.

Sizing Up Market Failure in Export Pioneering Activities: Some Structural Estimation from Chinese Exporters

Professor Wei's talk is part of the USC Department of Economics seminar on economics dynamics

Ten Years in the WTO: Has China Kept Its Promises?

The Congressional-Executive Commission announces a hearing assessing China's ten years in the World Trade Organization.

The Elvera Kwang Siam Lim Memorial Lecture in Chinese Studies: Chinese Reforms in Historical and Comparative Perspective

UC Berkeley presents a talk by Prasenjit Duara on the last 30 years of reform in China.