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"Stakeholders in the Supply of Public Goods in Rural China"

Chen Dong, a Economics professor at China's Shandong University, will present a talk on the role of stakeholders and how they have created a shortage of public goods in the rural areas of China.

Digital Revolution in China

Join Asia Society Northern California and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for a panel of leading analysts and businesspeople for a discussion of China's digital transformation.

Urbanization in Between: Theorizing Urbanization in Rapidly Industrializing China

A talk presented by Dr. Andrew Kipnis of Australian National University, this paper examines the growth of one mid-sized Chinese city as a case in which intimate linkages between the rural/socialist past and the urban/capitalist present remain socially important.

China and the New Internet World: The Eleventh Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC11)

CIRC is an interdisciplinary conference that brings together scholars, analysts, industry leaders, journalists and legal practitioners from around the world to examine the impact of the Internet on Chinese society, including its social, cultural, political and economic aspects, as well as how China is changing the Internet.

China in Africa: A Macroeconomic Perspective

Benedicte Vibe Christensen, former Deputy Director of the Africa Department of the IMF, will speak at Cornell University on China's macroeconomic impact in Africa.

Webcast: Sovereignty and the Belt and Road Initiative

Please join the USC U.S.-China Institute and the USC Center for International Studies for webcast discussion with Professor Tom Narins from the University at Albany (SUNY Albany) on how the Belt and Road Initiative illustrates ways that sovereignty works that conventional international relations fail to account for. 

Ten Years in the WTO: Has China Kept Its Promises?

The Congressional-Executive Commission announces a hearing assessing China's ten years in the World Trade Organization.

2018 Asia Pacific Business Outlook Conference

The USC Marshall School of Business and the U.S. Department of Commerce present the Asia Pacific Business Outlook Conference for business leaders looking to expand their business in Asia.

Mao, Asia First and the Making of Modern American Conservatism, 2015

This review by Seth Offenbach was published by the History of Diplomacy discussion list in May, 2016 and is reprinted here via Creative Commons license.

Hong Kong Today – the Special Administrative Region at 10

USC panel discussion marks changes in Hong Kong since the creation of the Special Administrative Region in 1997.