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2015 Chinese American Film Festival U.S. China Co-Production Film Summit

The U.S. China Co-Production Film Summit is part of the Chinese American Film Festival.

China-Japan Dialogue: Beyond the Territorial Dispute

An in-depth panelist discussion sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Center's Asia Program on the relations between China and Japan

Leading Chinese Economists Forecast China's Economy in 2014

The National Committee on U.S-China Relations presents its fifth annual forum predicting the state of China's economy in 2014.

Things China Working Group: Junyi Lv on "Mapping out Communitainment 3.0 in China: Livestreaming Platforms & Creative Labors"

Things China Working Group is an informal group to explore research interest in the material networks, systems, economies, media and practices of communication pursued within China or between China and its national and international partnerships. Open only to USC graduate students and faculty. 


Screening of "China Blue" with commentary by Prof. Richard Baum

“A clandestinely shot, deep access account of how the clothes we buy are actually made”

Intergenerational transmission of poverty in urban China: Status quo and Countermeasure

The East Asian Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University presents a talk by Mingang Lin, Vice Dean and Professor at Nanjing University on the issue of poverty in urban China.

China's 15th WTO Anniversary: Assessing the Record and Charting the Path Forward

The speakers and panelists will use this occasion to assess the accomplishments and challenges of China’s WTO membership, analyze how China’s trading partners and the WTO itself have adapted to China’s growing involvement, and consider the possible future paths of the WTO and the multilateral trading system.

China’s Consumption Catch-Up and the Righting of Global Imbalances

U.S. China Institute's visiting scholar, Profressor Carla Wiemer, will speak on China's high savings rate and the current global consumption imbalance.

China-Asia Growth Forum: Doing Business Across the Pacific

Asia Society will hold a forum on business between the U.S. and China in San Francisco.