Feminism, Family, and Confucianism in Asian America

UC Berkeley's Institute of East Asian Studies presents a panel discussion on Confucian feminist activism.

Above Ground - 40 Moments of Transformation

“Above Ground” is a photographic exhibition that captures a wide range of performances staged by Young Feminist Activists in China since 2012. The photographs are part of the activists’ strategy to spread their message through social media in an increasingly restrictive political climate.

China Onscreen Biennial: The Red Detachment of Women (1970)( 红色娘子军)

Part of the UCLA Confucius Institute's inaugural China Onscreen Biennial (银幕中国双年展)project, a screening of The Red Detachment of Women, in which the heroine Wu Qinghua escapes from an evil landlord and becomes the leader of a women's militia.