Amy Dooling: Translating Ding Ling: Gender and Canon Formation in Modern Chinese Literature

Professor Amy Dooling will speak at Boston University on the subject of author Ding Ling's impact in modern Chinese literature.

55 Days at Peking

Part of the series Power Moves: The Empress Dowager Onscreen

Is Feminism Translatable? Taiwan, Spivak, A-Wu

The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts Shu-Mei Shih.

Chinese Voices

An hour-long screening of video vignettes followed by a question and answer session with digital journalists.

Prof. Zhen Wang: “Modern History of Chinese Feminism”

The UC Santa Barbara Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies presents a public lecture by Professor Zhen Wang of the University of Michigan.

Front Row: Chinese American Designers

The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) presents an exhibition that traces and celebrates the rise of Chinese American designers who decided to make their marks in New York.

Markets and Bodies: Women, Service Work, and the Making of Inequality in China

Eileen Otis presents a discussion of the relationship between China's economic growth and gender inequality.

Small Happiness: Women of a Chinese Village (1984) and Guomen (2003)

USCI presents a screening of Small Happiness (1984) and Guomen (2003). Q&A with director, Carma Hinton will follow.

Wives, Husbands, and Lovers: Marriage and Sexuality in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Urban China

Indiana University presents Professor Sara Friedman, speaking about her recently published edited volume, "Wives, Husbands, and Lovers", which examines how sexual relationships and marriage are understood and practiced in contemporary urban China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Japanese Women Settlers and the Civilization of Empire in Taiwan During the 1910s

Evan Dawley of Reed College will speak at UC Berkeley on the topic of Japanese Women Settlers' influence in Taiwan.