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China and India: Partners and Rivals

Economist 2010 predicting Indian growth to outpace China's.
April 18, 2022

They partner to sell Land Rovers, but fret about shipping lanes, energy supplies and pollution. Where do China and India collaborate and where do they compete?

Talking Points, January 29-February 12, 2014

January 29, 2014

Our annual collection of lunar new year stamps as well our calendar of China-related events and exhibitions across North America.

Talking Points, November 24 - 30, 2011

November 24, 2011

This week Talking Points focuses on turkey, reporting on China, and football. As always, the USC U.S.-China Institute newsletter includes information about China-focused events and exhibitions across North America.

Talking Points, September 12-22, 2010

September 13, 2010

This issue of the USC US-China Institute newsletter focuses on how 9/11 changed the US-China relationship and affected the views Chinese college students have of the US. As always, the newsletter also brings information about China-related events across North America.

Talking points, November 26 - December 10, 2008

November 26, 2008

The USC U.S.-China Institute's weekly newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving - Recipes from Madame Wu

November 25, 2008

Sylvia Wu is the author of many popular cookbooks including Madame Wu’s Art of Chinese Cooking and Cooking with Madame Wu: Yin and Yang Recipes for Longevity. Shanghai mayor and future premier Zhu Rongji met her and King Yan Wu when he visited Madame Wu's in 1993.