USC and China in the News, May and June, 2019

June 26, 2019

China-related news involving USC research, faculty, students and organizations.

USC and China in the News, July and August 2015

August 14, 2015

China-related news stories featuring University of Southern California faculty, students, staff, and programs.

Chen Weijun, Please Vote for Me (film), 2007

October 6, 2008

Clayton Dube reviews the film, 2008.

Vice President Gore Remarks At Qinghua University, 1997

March 26, 1997

Vice President Gore spoke at Qinghua Univerisity about the link between politics and economics.

Tiananmen Square Document 30: Cable, Eyewitness Account of June 4 PLA Tank Crushing 11 Students and Related Early Morning Events in Tiananmen Square, 1989

June 22, 1989

This extraordinary document provides the detailed account of a source who witnessed firsthand the violence at Tiananmen Square on the night of June 3-4. (June 22, 1989)

Tiananmen Square Document 29: Secretary of State's Morning Summary for June 21, 1989, China: Swift Justice, 1989

June 21, 1989

The document also anticipates a Communist Party Central Committee plenum that will ratify the removal of party secretary Zhao Ziyang, and name a new leader.

Tiananmen Square Document 4: Student Demonstrations Update, 1986

December 24, 1986

The cable notes how the recent spate of demonstrations provoked criticism from the Chinese government who warned that the adoption of "overly energetic methods" to express views could affect stability and interfere with societal functions. (December 24, 1986)

Tiananmen Square Document 3: Cable, More Student Demonstrations, 1985

December 23, 1985

The document also reports another incident, that the cables authors call "astonishing," which involved several hundred students from the Bejing Central College of Nationalities who were protesting the nuclear weapons testing program in Xinjiang Province in western China. (December 23, 1985)

Tiananmen Square Document 2: Cable, Government Arrests Student Demonstrators, 1985

November 25, 1985

In the cable, Embassy officials report information gleaned from an unidentified source that Chinese security forces have detained more than 100 students and arrested 23 suspected "ringleaders" involved in the demonstration. (November 25, 1985)