China / East Asia at ECIS 2012

Clayton Dube of the USC U.S.-China Institute and a team from the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education will discuss key concepts and suggest approaches to teaching about China's history, its present, and its place in the contemporary world.

Meet the Filmmaker: A Touch of Sin

The Smithsonian Freer Sackler Museum presents a screening of A Touch of Sin followed by a talk with director Jia Zhang-ke

Trans-Pacific Transmissions: Video Art Across the Pacific

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria hosts an exhibit exploring the visual culture of exchange between Asia and the Americas.

Rethinking the "Overseas Chinese": What's in a Name?

Huang Jianli, Associate Professor of National University of Singapore will speak at Stanford University on the concept of "Chinese Overseas".

Changes in China's Ethnic Population Distribution: Policy, Interethnic Marriage, and Migration

The Carolina Asia Center hosts a discussion with Yong Cai about the change in the distribution of China's ethnic populations

Clay Between Two Seas: From the Abbasid Court to Puebla de los Angeles

The Crow Collection presents an exhibition of Talavera pottery made in Mexico that traces its origins back to China.

Contemporary Chinese Migration to Central Asia: Trends, Challenges, and Responses (Case-study of Kazakhstan)

The UCLA Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by Yelena Sadovskaya on Chinese migration.

Dreams Deferred: Artists Respond to Immigration Reform

The Chinese American Museum (CAM) and El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument present Dreams Deferred: Artists Respond to Immigration Reform.

Visualizing the Geography of Diseases in china, 1870s-1920s: An Overview of the Earliest Disease Maps of China

The discussion explores the first disease maps of China that also present a visual history of the major transformations in modern medicine at the time

The Private Life of Fen Fen 议论芬芬

The UCLA International Institute presents the film, "The Private Life of Fen Fen," as part of their 2014 China Onscreen Biennial: Wild Women.



September 24, 2020 - 2:00pm

Join the USC U.S.-China Institute for a conversation with U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Demers.

October 15, 2020 - 4:00pm

Please join the USC U.S.-China Institute for a book talk with author David Lampton. His new book examines China’s effort to create an intercountry railway system connecting China and its seven Southeast Asian neighbors.