foreign policy

The Value of Values: Reconsidering the Role of Human Rights in U.S.-China Relations

The Wilson Center Kissinger Institute hosts a panel discussion of the role of human rights in U.S.-China relations.

The "Liberal" International Order: Any Room for an Illiberal Rising Power Like China?

UC Irvine Center for Global Peace & Conflict Studies hosts a discussion with Shiping Tang on the impact of China's rise in the Liberal international order.

The 21st Annual Gaston Sigur Memorial Lecture: China’s Rise and the Challenge to East Asian Security

The Sigur Center for Asian Studies hosts its 21st Annual Gaston Sigur Memorial Lecture on the impact of China's rise on East

China and Japan: Nara to Now

Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University hosts a talk with Ezra Vogel on the history of Sino-Japanese relations.

China and the World: India

The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations hosts a talk with Anja Manuel on the relationship between China and India in the U.S. Asia strategy.

The Asia-Pacific Power Balance: Perspectives from the U.S., Japan and China

The National Committee on American Foreign Policy and the Japan Society host a panel discussion of the future of the balance of power in East Asia.

The Rise of China and Japan’s New Security Strategy

UC Berkeley's Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Narushige Michishita