foreign policy

China and Japan: Nara to Now

Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University hosts a talk with Ezra Vogel on the history of Sino-Japanese relations.

China and the World: India

The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations hosts a talk with Anja Manuel on the relationship between China and India in the U.S. Asia strategy.

The Asia-Pacific Power Balance: Perspectives from the U.S., Japan and China

The National Committee on American Foreign Policy and the Japan Society host a panel discussion of the future of the balance of power in East Asia.

The Rise of China and Japan’s New Security Strategy

UC Berkeley's Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Narushige Michishita

One Belt, One Road: China's Grand Strategy for the 21st Century

Global Cornell co-hosts a talk with Bai Gao on China's developing grand strategy

Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit 2016

Duke University and University of North Carolina host the China Leadership Summit, a gathering of undergraduates from China and the U.S. interested in deepening their understanding of China and creating a more productive relationship between the U.S. and China.

The U.S. and China: Partners, Rivals, or Adversaries?

The National Committee on American Foreign Policy hosts a discussion of the U.S.-China relationship and it's future.

Xi Jinping, China's Rise and Leadership in Asia with Robert Sutter

The Sigur Center for Asian Studies and the Elliot School for International Affairs hosts a talk with Robert Sutter about his new book on Chinese foreign relations.