Hong Kong Film Festival: "The Blade"

The Blade is Tsui Hark’s masterful tribute to the martial arts films of his youth. A reimagining of director Chang Cheh’s 1967 wuxia landmark The One-Armed Swordsman, this phantasmagoric action film moves like an out-of-control freight train.

Demolition (拆迁 ) & Discussion with Director

The University of Kentucky will screen Demolition.

Film Screening of "Young Jigme" followed by Q&A with the Director

Cuilan Liu, Documentary Filmmaker, Harvard University
Moderated by Robert J. Barnett, Director of Modern Tibet Studies Program at Columbia University

Ghost Town

Cornell Cinema, Ithaca's year-round film festival, is screening Ghost Town as part of their "China Now" film series.

Chen Shaoxiong: Ink. History. Media

The Seattle Art Museum presents Chen's two recent video works—Ink History and Ink Media—as well as their companion ink drawings.