Resolution on US Citizens/Residents of Chinese Ancestry Detained in China, 2001

June 25, 2001

This resolution passed the US House of Representatives 379-0. It was authored by Representative Chris Smith (R-New Jersey).

Senate Permanent Normal Trade Relations Vote, 2000

September 20, 2000

U.S. Senate extends permanent normal trade relations to China

Remarks on China's WTO Accession by Sander M. Levin, United States House of Representatives June 29, 1999

June 29, 1999

Representative Levin discusses China's accession to the World Trade Organization.

Winston Lord, Mike Mansfield, and Hugh Scott, "Report on Mansfield - Scott Trip to China," May 12, 1972

May 12, 1972

Mansfield (D-Montana), the Senate Majority Leader, and Hugh Scott (R-Pennsylvania), the Seante Minority Leader, visited China between April 19-22, 1972. They subsequently prepared a report on the trip for President Richard Nixon.

Richard Nixon, "The Journey to Peking," from the Third Annual Report to the Congress on U.S. Foreign Policy, February 9, 1972

February 9, 1972

Part of a larger report on U.S. foreign policy. The report was delivered to Congress only days before Nixon left for China.

University Faculty, “Memoradum for President-Elect Nixon on U.S. Relations with China,” November 6, 1968

November 6, 1968

This document came to light when John Rousselot (R-Los Angeles, California) had it placed into the Congressional Record on August 6, 1971, with a month of President Nixon announcing that he would go to China. Rousselot served in the House of Representatives 1961-63 (CA-25) and 1970-83 (CA-25 and then CA-26).

Soong Mei-ling, “Addresses to the House of Respresentatives and to the Senate,” February 18, 1943.

February 18, 1943


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