The Divine Feminine in Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism

The Crow Collection of Asian Art presents an exhibition on female divinity in Buddhist art.

Bridging Realms: Contemporary Tibetan Art

Tibet House US presents an exhibit on contemporary Tibetan art.

Wei-Cheng Lin, Broken Bodies: The Death of Buddhist Icons and Their Changing Ontology in 10th-12th Century China

Stanford Ho Center for Buddhist Studies hosts a talk by Wei-Cheng Lin as part of their TT & WF Chao Buddhist Art Series

Masterworks of Himalayan Art

The Rubin Museum hosts an exhibit of Himalayan art.

NY Premiere Event - Waking Buddha Live: Contemplative Immersive Cinema

Tibet House presents a screening and meditation with filmmaker/artist John Halpern.

West Los Angeles Obon Festival

Obon is a Buddhist observance that was originally observed in Mahayana Buddhist countries, including China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Obon season is a time to express our gratitude to loved ones who have passed on before us.

Conspicuous Dharma: Han Chinese Practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism in the PRC

UCLA Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk by John Osburg

Spellbound: A Lecture by Professor James Benn

The USC East Asian Studies Center presents a talk by Professor Benn to explore the twin themes of seduction and spellcraft in the scripture and focus on the figure of Ananda’s seductress, the Matangi girl.

Mongolian Buddhism

This conference explores the philosophies, texts, arts, and practices of Mongolian Buddhism.