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Free One-Day Workshop: East Asian Buddhism and China's Environmental Challenges

Session(s) date

Session(s) date: 
Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 9:00am to 3:30pm

The USC U.S. - China Institute is offering a complimentary one-day workshop at USC for educators. There is no cost to participate. All materials, refreshments, parking, and lunch will be provided. Click here to download the flyer.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 5pm on Wednesday, April 10
Lori Meeks - Buddhism's East Asian Evolution
Buddhism is one of the world's oldest faiths and one of the most diverse. The story of Buddhism, especially of its transmission to quite different cultures, is a fascinating one. In this workshop, Professor Lori Meeks, chair of the USC Department of Religion and an award-winning scholar, will examine the rise and spread of Buddhism, with particular attention to history in Japan. Prof. Meeks is particularly known for her books on women and Buddhism and monastic traditions. 


Barbara Finamore - Meeting China's Environmental Challenges

With the United States backing away from commitments to address climate change, will China take the lead in saving our planet from environmental catastrophe? Many signs point to yes. China, the world's largest carbon emitter, is leading a global clean energy revolution, phasing out coal consumption and leading the development of a global system of green finance. But as leading China environmental expert Barbara Finamore explains, it is anything but easy. The fundamental economic and political challenges that China faces in addressing its domestic environmental crisis threaten to derail its low-carbon energy transition. Yet there is reason for hope. China's leaders understand that transforming the world's second largest economy from one dependent on highly polluting heavy industry to one focused on clean energy, services and innovation is essential, not only to the future of the planet, but to China's own prosperity.

The workshop will coincide with the LA Times Festival of Book at USC. You are welcome to stay and participate in the festival at the conclusion of the workshop. General admission is free, but there are ticketed events as well. Please check the website for more information.