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China and the World (Tuesdays, Jan. 31 - Feb. 28, 2023)

China’s rise has already reshaped our world and its influence continues to grow. Many welcome this. Some worry about it. K-12 educators are encouraged to learn more about China and its global reach in this five week online course. It is aimed at equipping teachers to bring more about these vital developments into their own classrooms.

East Asia: Origins To 1800 (Mondays, February 6 - May 1, 2023)

This seminar for California K-12 educators covers the history and cultures of East Asia from the neolithic past to 1800. The course includes an overview of the region’s geography and demography, early ideologies as well as links between China, Korea and Japan.

Cultural Preservation and Sustainability in China (Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022)

Climate change, development and commercialization pressures and overuse are among the threats to preserving cultural sites and practices. Drawing on the examples of Buddhist caves, traditional architecture, urban design and heritage sites, this online Saturday workshop for educators will explore a variety of preservation and sustainability concerns in today's China. Participants will receive background materials and recommendations on how these issues can be incorporated into their own courses.

Representing Japan's Rise (Saturday, September 17, 2022)

From the mid-19th century collision between an expanding America and a secure Japan through to the Pacific War, Japan's rise was dramatic for both those who experienced it and those who observed it. Participants can join this half-day complimentary workshop in-person and via Zoom. Sponsored by the USC U.S.-China Institute and the Japan Society.

U.S.-Japan Relations and Japan in U.S. Pop Culture (Saturday, October 15, 2022)

What binds the U.S. and Japan together in 2022? Where are the points of friction? How is Japan changing and what does that mean for the region and world? How do Japanese and Americans view each other? What images of Japan have been prevalent on American television? Educators are encouraged to join us in person or via Zoom for this complimentary workshop focusing on Japan today. Sponsored by the USC U.S.-China Institute, the Japan Society and the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia.

East Asia since 1800 (September 26 - November 28 2022)

This complimentary online seminar offers in-depth presentations on the history and culture of East Asia since 1800 as well as aids K-

The China You Should Know (August 6, 2022)

This free Saturday workshop for K-12 educators will look at key trends within China and China's ties to the wider world. It is organized by the 1990 Institute and co-sponsored by USCI.

Missing in History: The Asian American Journey (July 30, 2022)

This free Saturday workshop for K-12 educators features three speakers on Asian American history, including legal history and how it is taught and will include resources for teachers. It is organized by the 1990 Institute and co-sponsored by USCI.

Understanding Korean Society through Popular Culture (August 2-30, 2022)

Americans and people across the globe have become avid consumers of Korean popular culture. In this new complimentary online course, participating educators will learn more about the content and production of these hugely successful films, television dramas and music and will explore what they suggest about contemporary South Korean culture and society. Apply by July 31, 2022. (The registration period is closed earlier since the slots are filled.)

East Asian Design: Architecture & Urbanism (June 7 -July 5, 2022)

This complimentary online seminar will overview the multifaceted architectural and urbanist dimensions of East Asia - from its urban planning concepts and monuments, to construction techniques and aesthetic concepts.