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ncta study tour to china and vietnam, july 2017

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ncta study tour to china and vietnam, july 2017

The study tour packet includes the goals, itinerary and requirements of the tour.
NCTA Study Tour to China and Vietnam Start Date: July 2, 2017 End Date: July 21, 2017 Location: China and Vietnam Type of Course: Study Tours Audience: NCTA tours are open to all participants who have completed 30 hours of NCTA courses or book groups and who have never participated in a previous NCTA study tour.
Course Description: NCTA will offer a seventeen-day study tour to China and Vietnam beginning in early July. Costs for participants will be $1850 (which includes international airfare and most meals) as well as a contribution of $150 to a tip fund. Registration and Info: Contact: Karen Kane, Columbia University for further information.
Download the study tour packet.

Offered to: All States