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Free workshop about Red Scarf Girl: March 25, 2010

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Free workshop about Red Scarf Girl: March 25, 2010

At my school, a History and an English teacher had team up to work in the literary and historical context of this book. We are atttending the workshop together.

4:30pm and end at 7:30pm.
Mount St. Mary's College,
Doheny Campus in McIntyre Hall,
Donohue Conference Center.

If you would like to know more:

Sarah Brucks
Office Manager & Events Coordinator
213.202.2811 ext. 21
Facing History and Ourselves
350 S. Bixel St. Ste. 160
Los Angeles 90017

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Message from kkulish

I am hoping I can attend. This is an optional book for my outside reading list.
We have been adding more Asian related texts and find our Asian population is appreciative of choices they can identify with and develop a connection to in their lives.
Many of the novels and non-fiction tomes we use have a historical bent.
While the students enjoy fiction, learning about real people and their lives truly piques their interests.