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Food and World History at UC Irvine

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Food and World History at UC Irvine

Dear World History Teachers and Foodies:

Take a look at this. You may want to add it to one of your lessons in World History or try to weave it into American History. You must register online in order to attend any of these events.

Our next session is coming soon Jan 25th- Food in Colonial Latin America. If you are signed up for this session, you will receive a reminder email one week prior to the session.

We are looking forward to learning more about Food in World History and to find new ways to engage our students in the study of history. We've been slowly getting the website updated. See the link below. If there is something from a session that you wanted, and can't find it on the website, please respond to this email. I will get it to you and make sure it gets on the website.