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comparative confucianism -- online from columbia

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comparative confucianism -- online from columbia

Friends -- take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Prof. Richard Smith of Rice University is a fantastic teacher and one of the top scholars working in this field. The session will truly be illuminating.

"Comparative Confucianism in East Asia"
(free on-line program, one day only)

Confucianism, along with Buddhism and the use of the Chinese written script and spoken language in early times, united the countries of East Asia -- China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam -- to create an East Asian civilization, comparable to what we think of when we speak of "Western civilization."

For two millennia, the elites in all four societies have participated in and contributed to the evolution of Confucian thought and institutions and adapted these to the situations of their respective societies.

How was the practice in each of the societies similar or different from that of the others?

Using a unique collection of images from each of the four countries, Richard Smith -- a scholar of Confucian thought -- provides background and resources that deepen our understanding of this powerful and enduring tradition of East Asia and its modern legacy.

This free, on-line program - complete with ample visual resources and Powerpoint - has been created specifically for teachers. In addition, background materials and classroom units are available on-line for you to download and share with your classes.

--- Earn professional development hours

--- Gain background on the history of East Asia
for your classes


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Message from mfraser

Just finished watching the webinar of Richard Smith discussing comparative confucianism but also giving an excellent background to confucianism and now I am anxious to purchase his book: The I Ching; A biography by Richard Smith from Amazon. He went over the terms: Shangdi (Lord on High), Tian (Heaven), Tianming (Mandate of Heaven) and Dao (The Way - Nature) and how they changed in the Late Zhou Dynasty and later. Richard Smith discussed the Four Books; Analects, Mencius, Great Learning, and the Doctrine of Meaning and discussed the disciples of Confucius as well as going into comparing Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese interpretations of confucian thought and practice. There was some difficulty with receiving questions and they believed there were very few. My question was not received. I am interested in finding a film that presents the 24 Paragons to children. I know they would find it very interesting! He mentioned that the Japanese combined the 24 paragons with Kabuki Theater! Thank you to Clay for alerting us to this fascinating webinar.