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college board/hanban china program 2015

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college board/hanban china program 2015

Exchange Opportunity for Educators

College Board announcement/details:

Delegation dates: Nov. 9–18, 2015

Priority application deadline: Aug. 3, 2015

The College Board and Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters are pleased to announce the Chinese Bridge Delegation — a one-week educational trip hosted by Hanban. The Chinese Bridge Delegation focuses on school visits, cultural activities, and interactive workshops with the aim of helping education decision-makers start or expand their Chinese language and culture programs.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Visit Chinese K–12 schools and universities, meet with Chinese educators, and observe classes. Establish meaningful partnerships with Chinese schools and network with colleagues. Learn about resources that willhelp them build and support Chinese language and culture programs. Experience China firsthand and marvel at the rich traditional culture set against stunning modern development.

Eligible Participants
K–12 district administrators,school leaders, and other education decision-makers actively seeking to develop and expand Chinese language and culture programs. First-time participants and former delegates are welcome to apply.]

Participant Cost

A $900 nonrefundable registration fee covers international airfare, hotels, meals, ground transportation, visits to cultural and historical sites, and other in-China costs. Participants are also responsible for:
U.S. domestic travel costs to a designated international hub airport.
International travel insurance.
U.S. passport application fees.


Have a valid passport with at least six months validity past Nov. 9, 2015, i.e., May 10, 2016, or later.
Understand and accept trip goals and expectations. Participate in all scheduled events. Be prepared for an intense schedule, including up to 15 hours of activities per day.


Visit our Chinese Bridge Delegation Web page to apply now.
For additional information, contact

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