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taiwan academy in los angeles - palace museum

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taiwan academy in los angeles - palace museum

The Palace Museum in Taiwan is home to what many argue is the greatest collection of Chinese art anywhere. The museum has long been embarked on a massive effort to "digitize" the collection to increase its accessibility and to open up new avenues of research. The Taiwan Academy, located in El Monte, will host an exhibition on this project May 4-27. It's well worth checking out, even if you've had the privilege of visiting the museum itself.

A presentation on the exhibition is available here. The academy and its website are well worth visiting. The website has materials relating to belief systems, technology, language, and culture. Go to The academy address is:

Culture Center (El Monte) of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles
9443 Telstar Ave. El Monte, CA 91731, U.S.A.

Tel: (626) 443-9999

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Message from jjong

I attended a workshop at the Culture Center in El Monte last weekend and took the opportunity to view the Palace Museum’s digital exhibition. It showcases seven multi-media works, including the Chinese characters on Mao-kung Ting, A Tang palace rhapsody and the digital interpretation of the famous painting “Hundred Horses.” You can also watch three videos in the video area or view the paintings and calligraphy on the computers in the digital learning area. The exhibition hall is not big. You can probably finish viewing it in less than an hour.

The culture center is one block south of Freeway 10 and a few blocks east of Rosemead Blvd. The best part is no admission fee. It would be a good place to visit for your make-up assignment.

Exhibition Duration: May 5 to May 27 2012

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Message from rliao

I visited the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles last 5/20/12. It had all the things Julie mentioned above. I have learned that before we look at the Chinese painting, we should read the end of the painting, the painter wrote down his feelings when he painted the scroll. (This Chinese painting was once owned by Emoperor Qing Long. he thought that the painting was not the original painting).why he was painting . One of the paintings stood out for me was the painting of Huang Kong Wang on "Fu-Chung San Chu" It was painted by an 82 year old man, who painted with the philosophy of Lao-zi, positive space and negative were equally important. In his painting it showed the four seasons, reminiscence of his live, there were 7 people in the paintings, it showed a fisherman fishing from the beginning, near the end there was a pine tree welcoming the fisherman to the scholar, during that time, when the scholar were
tired of the politics they will just live in the mountain chopping woods to keep themselves warm, and fish around the lake for food. At the end of the painting, it showed a person returning back. It showed the philosophy of the cycle of life. If you have friends that understands Chinese language you can go to to listen to the artist who explained this painting.

I will show some Chinese paintings to the students, introduce the tools used in Chinese paintings, and have the students use paint brush to draw lines with black paint on white rectangular construction paper, and decorate their paintings with crunched up tissues paper as flowers, put their painted and collage art with black construction paper as backing, tape yarn on top of their black construction paper, and it becomes a Chinese art in a scroll.
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