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San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

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Virgina Jackson
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San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum, established in 1996, is one of America’s foremost institutions dedicated to sharing the Chinese American experience, and to promoting Chinese art and culture. Centrally located in Downtown San Diego, the museum is a cultural force in San Diego and very true to its purpose and mission.  The mission of the museum is the following:

SDCHM's mission is to educate and inspire by preserving and celebrating the richness of Chinese history, art, culture, and the contributions of Chinese Americans.

SDCHM is extremely culturally rich, and its authenticity is reflective from its Executive Director to its Board, Staff and Volunteers.  The museum is very welcoming, and it makes you feel comfortable with all of its rich history and culture.  The exhibits, programming and ongoing educational opportunities are accessible to all in the San Diego region and beyond.  From its permanent exhibit about San Diego's historical Chinatown to its current exhibit about the history of San Diego's Chinese Laundries, the museum assures that it will keep the presence of China and its contributions in the forefront of the city.

SDCHM is a cultural breath of fresh air.  From presentations at the Arts Commissioners' meetings to the intertwining of historical and modern-day Chinese culture, the museum's impact is felt as soon as you walk through the doors.  So much so that on this particular visit, a high school senior was volunteering who, of Chinese descent, serves in such a role to learn more about his history.

San Diego is fortunate to have The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum - all stories need to be authentically shared.