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Resources at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

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Resources at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

After attending the summer residential institute, I was searching for resources to use in my classroom to teach Contemporary Chinese Art and I found this museum (an old favorite) has a great show called 28 Chinese which is according to them "28 Chinese explodes narrow perspectives on contemporary art in China.The result of more than a decade’s worth of exploration, research and collecting, this new exhibition—organized by the extraordinary Rubell Collection in Miami—presents 48 artworks from 28 contemporary Chinese artists. " Although this exhibition is closing August 16, 2015, the museums website is rich with images of art from all over Asia, and there are video interviews with the curators, which make it a useful teaching tool for those of us who can't leave the classroom. A slide show of 12 images can be found here.

Another current exhibition is "Exquisite Nature [which] presents masterpieces from some of China’s most influential painters of the 14th–18th centuries. These rarely seen paintings include variations on popular subjects such as landscape, birds-and-flowers, country life and historical stories. Though differing in style and geographical representation, each artwork offers a unique take on a shared theme: humankind’s celebration of the natural world." The web site has a slide show of 9 excellent paintings which would be perfect to introduce this period of painting to students. I plan to use these slides with my students.

This museum seems like an excellent source of teaching materials on Asian Art.
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