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Phoenix Art Museum Exhibit

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Phoenix Art Museum Exhibit

I recently visited the Phoenix Art Museum and wanted to share the link to their Chinese painting exhibit. It is well worth visiting - highly recommended, and if you are in the Phoenix area, the Herd Museum is a worthwhile experience as well.

Information below sourced from

"A Tradition Redefined: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Painting from the Chu-tsing Li Collection, 1950-2000
Steele Gallery
June 29, 2008 – September 14, 2008

Organized by Phoenix Art Museum and Harvard University Art Museum, this exhibition will present 60 works that reveal the fundamental transformation of Chinese painting resulting from dynamic social, political and cultural developments in China, Taiwan and the United States in recent years. As more artists of Chinese background have become internationally recognized, the lines between China and the rest of the world have been continually defined and redefined. As early as the 1960s, Chu-tsing Li, Ph.D., professor emeritus of the University of Kansas, played an instrumental role in bringing this transformation into global awareness through his many publications on art history and emerging artists.

This exhibition is organized by Phoenix Art Museum and Harvard University Art Museum."