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Norton Simon Museum: Vuillard

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Norton Simon Museum: Vuillard

Recently I was looking over opportunities to take my students on a free visit to the Norton Simon. The Norton Simon Museum is generally free for students anyhow and I usually offer an extra credit opportunity for my AP students prior to the end of the semester in late January. However, the Museum offers a guided tour for a group between 15-110 students including free entrance for the chaperones.

There are many great comparable subjects and topics like the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Impressionism, and Post War art. Including a guided tour of all the highlights. While looking over options for a guided student tour I came across a video clip of a French artist by the name of Edouard Vuillard, who has an exhibit open until February 15th. I would encourage watching the video clip. I thought the influence of Japanese woodblock prints on his lithographs were really interesting and I am planning to visit soon.

I thought others may be interested in visiting for either yourself or with your students.