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LACMA- Los Angeles County of Museum Art

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LACMA- Los Angeles County of Museum Art

The LACMA has a huge variety of art work and also many interesting events throughout the year. They often have special exhibits that are worth seeing. The Rain Room, being one of these special exhibits was the "talk" for a while and is currently still there!

LACMA's Chinese art collection was one of the first collected by the museum. The collection goes back to over 4000 years, but also has contemporary photography and videos. The museum displays several sculptures, paintings, as well as metal pieces from China. Buddhism played a huge role in a lot of their art pieces. Religious aspects were exhibited through China's art. As I've mentioned, being a Ceramic teacher- sculptures always capture my attention most. The sculptures have so much defined details and a beauty I cannot explain. The ancient jade carvings are also something to explore. LACMA's also displays a vast Chinese art collection of paintings and calligraphy, which is also fascinating.

It was interesting to learn about the different mediums and materials that were used for Chinese painting and calligraphy. In addition, I learned about the brushes being made of hair of not only human, but also animals such as birds! Studying the different papers (bark, bamboo, etc) and pigments etc was also intriguing.

If you enjoy visiting the LACMA, it is worth purchasing a membership! Not only are there several perks, but you will definitely save money in the end